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  • How long do clothing & prints take to ship?
    Anything from the shop takes around 1-2 weeks to ship. It most likely will be sooner than 2 weeks but I like to give a little extra time just in case (I ship everything myself.)
  • Do you have any larger size prints available?
    The sizes that are listed are currently the only sizes I offer. My printer has a max size of 11x17" so for now all of the print sizes are within those measurements.
  • Can I get a print of a piece that is not listed on this site, but is shown on art website?"
    Yes! You can get a print of almost any of my pieces on either of my sites. ( & Just shoot an email to or DM any of my pages on instagram and I'll do my best to accomodate.
  • I missed the drop and now the piece I wanted is sold out! When will the next drop be?
    All pieces are sold on a first come first serve basis. I announce all of my drops on the MADMAZE instagram & social media accounts. In the future there will be an email subscription list, but for now it's all suprise drops :)
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